Saturday, December 11, 2010


Ryan's new job requires him to stay over in Twin Falls twice a month. He usually goes alone, but this weekend Addie and I decided to go along. It was a fun little mini-trip...The hotel that we stayed in had a pool and hot-tub, and we had fun taking Addison swimming. We also went out to dinner, and went to the mall to see Santa!

Whenever Addison  has heard the name "Santa" the week or so, she gets SO excited. I don't think she really understands what Santa is all about, but she knows that it is something to be excited about at least :)

When we went to the mall we told her we were going to go "Find Santa." She was so excited and was looking around frantically while saying "SASA?"

When we finally found St. Nick himself, she was happy and shyly waving at him. He gave her a candy cane and she was a happy girl. Then we sat her on his lap. To say that she wasn't a fan isn't quite strong enough...but you can judge for yourself:
Poor girl! I was cracking up, and Ryan picked her up...she wouldn't let go of her death grip on him for a full five minutes! When we passed him again later though, she was all smiles and waves. Crazy baby!

P.S. For us to get one 5/7 picture with Santa it was $13.00...and that was the cheapest package! Maybe I am a tight wad, but that is WAY expensive for one picture! 

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Heidi said...

That's about how much my kids like Santa at that age too... some of them would rather pass up the candy cane than have to sit on his lap:)