Tuesday, January 4, 2011

merry and bright

We had such a fun Christmas this year! It was so nice to be able to have a REAL break away from home, school, work, and everything else. This year we spent the 23rd with the Bell side. We ate, opened presents, and read the Christmas story. We stayed the night and then drove bright and early in the morning all the way up to Cardston to spend the rest of the holiday with my family in Canada. Christmas Eve was full of yummy food, playing 7/11 (I love it!), writing notes to Santa Clause, and playing games as a family. 
Before Christmas this year, we tried really hard to help Addison understand that Christmas is a celebration of Christ's birth. We made a paper nativity, read stories together, watch "Joy to the World" and this Mormon Message. It was also so fun to watch her get excited about Santa Clause, and to hear her say "Mewwy Cwistmas!" and "HOHOHO!"

Addison NEVER sleeps in, but of course on Christmas morning, she did. I had to finally wake her up when I couldn't wait any longer! :) She was SO excited to see all of her presents that Santa left for her, and she ran at FULL SPEED to get to them!
 She spotted her GIANT puppy that my parents gave her, and was climbing over everything to get to it! Kids make Christmas so much fun!
 We were SO spoiled this year...and we had to put down one of our seats in our SUV to be able to fit everything in on our way home!
My parents helping Addison open her new movie on Christmas morning.
We spent the rest of our visit playing games, spending time with family, shopping, watching movies, eating, eating, and then eating again (or was that just me?!?) Addison also got to do something for the first time...play in the snow. This picture was taken before it snowed, but it shows her all bundled up and ready to play. Unfortunately, she hated the snow. (It didn't help that she did a face dive in the first 10 seconds right into a huge drift. The poor baby was freezing and her cheeks went more red than her hair! :)
Grandpa and Addie getting ready to go see the "horsies".

Here is the slideshow that I made for my family with more of our pictures and videos of our holiday. Just a word of warning before you click, you are about to see some awesome footy pj's (mine), an intense Wii boxing match, Jeremy in his skivvies, and an amazing rendition of "Once there was a Snowman." Click only if you can handle the excitement! :)
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