Thursday, February 3, 2011

business in the front, and a party in the back...

I have always had straight hair. Like dead straight. I could air dry it or blow dry it without a brush and it would be no big deal.

Not anymore! Being pregnant with Addison brought a LOT of changes for me...and my hair was one of them. I now am sporting a unruly chunk of hair in the back that is INSANE. It twists and curls and is pretty much a party back there.

And it is a HUGE pain. I can cake product in it, pull it with a brush as I dry it, and straighten it with my Chi (straightener)...but there is always a few spots that will refuse to straighten.

I let my hair air dry after my last shower, and now I am feeling a bit like this...
It's pretty hot. I can't wait to see what Ryan thinks about my awesome mullet. He will be thrilled I am sure.

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