Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sleep Talking

Ryan is notorious for sleep talking. We have had many conversations while he is completely out. These converstations include: him opening an account for my at the bank, him telling me to find something in a "black box", him getting upset about the school busses that are always late, and even the whole "spitting in the bed" incident (he thought he was cruising in his car and he tried to spit out of the window). That one was by far the worst-- and the most disgusting!

Because I constantly am trying to get him talking when he falls asleep, he was so excited when I finally started talking in my sleep a couple of nights ago. Our conversation went like this: {i actually totally remember talking to him and it made complete sense then...}

Me: Ry why are all of the husbands mad at the wives for having dogs?
Ryan: What???
Me: Why are they mad? They don't like the noises? They can't even hear it!
Ryan: I have no idea what you are talking about.
Me: (getting annoyed) WHY ARE THEY MAD? They can't hear the noises because they are too high. You know what I mean..stop acting like you don't!
Ryan: You don't make sense right now.
Me: ARHHGGG! Fine. Just google it. I will google it later.
Ryan: (laughing hysterically) OK can google it later.

And then I went back to sleep. Ryan couldn't stop laughing in the morning when we remembered our conversation.

I guess I can't mock him anymore for talking in his sleep...


Heather said...

Thank you for that!!! I am going to be laughing all day.=) Monica need more sleep.=) I used to always have conversations with Blake when he would talk in his sleep. It rocked.

Katie Wood said...

Monica! That is the funniest thing I have heard in the longest time! You are the cutest thing ever!

Rhett, Taryn, & Tacey said...

Haha, that was too funny. Totally sounds like our house. Rhett and I are constantly talking in our sleep. Its very entertaining! Haha

Mont and Dawna said...

HaHa!!! That is HILARIOUS! I love that you just wrote that post. Seriously. You're the best for recording it. We have similar incidents around here throughout the's most often Mont, as far as I know. Kinlee says funny things once in awhile too. I love catching people talking in their sleep. I always try to press further and get a full fledged convo going.

Rachel B said...

that is funny crap!!