Wednesday, March 23, 2011

advice please!

While we were in Vegas, I got a new calling. I am the new Mia Maids Advisor in our ward. I remember how important Young Womans was for me as a 14-15 year old, and I had some amazing leaders that I always remember giving such great lessons. All of these things have made me SOO nervous about this calling. So far, I have only had to teach kids 5 and younger in primary, so this will be a new experience for me. I have been trying to brainstorm about some activities that we could do as well...which brings me to my question for you:

All of you bloggers out there...What was your favorite activity/activities that you remember from when you were in Young Womens? Help a girl out! :)


Diana said...

I remember my Favourite activity was going to a bridal shop and trying on dresses! I think I was 14 at the time, and we all had a blast!
You will be a great Young Woman leader! Good luck!

Laura said...

We always did a P party. We dressed up in our pajamas, watched a movie that started with P, ate popcorn...mostly anything that had to do with the letter P. It was for Personal Progress. During the movie, each girl would get 5-10 minutes of personal time with their leader to work through the personal progress book. It was a good time to get together to lounge and have a girls movie night, but still talk about your goals too.