Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I could name hundreds of reasons why Ryan is THE BEST father ever, but I will start by naming ten (in no particular order).

1. He loves to PLAY with Addison. He is her best bud. Her favorite thing to do is to chase her daddy around the kitchen.
2. He tells Addison at least 10x a day that he loves her.
3. Every Sunday after Addison has her dress on, she goes into the bathroom and twirls for Ryan. Ry always tells her that she looks "BEEAUUTIFUL" and that she looks like a princess.
4. He isn't afraid to change diapers (no matter how disgusting!)
5. Ryan is the BEST story teller. He gets so into the books with Addison, and she loves it when her Daddy reads to her.
6. When Addison was a baby, Ryan would get up with her at night just as much as I did.
7. Every day when Ryan gets home from work, Addison waits in the livingroom eagerly. When he walks in he yells "ADDIE...I'M HOME!" and she yells back "I MISSED OOO DADDY!" and runs to give him hugs and kisses.
8. I caught him dancing with her and singing her favorite song "Once Upon a Dream" when she was supposed to be getting ready for bed.
9. He is a fun dad, but he isn't afraid to dicipline either.
10. He can always make Addison and I laugh.

This is my favorite picture of Addison and her amazing Dad:

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