Wednesday, August 31, 2011

34 weeks!

  • No crazy cravings lately! I can eat pretty much anything, except for a few things that made me especially sick in my first trimester: chineese food, shrimp (or seafood or any kind), and orange juice with pulp.
  • I am 34 weeks and 5 days pregnant
  • Baby girl gets the hiccups between 2-5 times a day!
  • I am expecting to go into labor somewhere around September 22 (because that was how far along I was when I had Addison)...but every pregnancy is different so I am trying not to get my hopes up too high!
  • I have gained 18 pounds since the day I found out I was pregnant.
  • My doctor has decided that it is safe for me to go off bedrest--WAHOO-- so I have been helping Ryan get our nursery ready. He painted the walls on Saturday, set up the crib and changing table, and moved in the dresser. I have made a few crafts for the walls, washed and folded all of our newborn clothes and recieving blankets, hemmed her new curtains, and reorganized Addison's closet so that we could have the empty dresser in baby girl's room.
  • Baby girl sleeps all day, and wakes up at 10 pm every night. Like clockwork. This will be a problem I can tell already!
  • Addison loves coming to my Doctor's appointments. My doctor and his nurses love her! Everytime they check baby girl's heart rate Addison gets excited and tells them that she hears her baby sister!
  • We have finally decided on a name for baby girl!
  • Ryan has officially decided that I am in the "nesting" phase. I get crazy spurts of energy and feel like silly things are SUPER important to get done ASAP. Ex- I stayed up until midnight folding baby clothes the other day.

Here is the To Do List that I made myself a couple of months ago:

Be better about doing my pregnancy yoga (so unattractive by the way...Ryan had the privalege of watching me do my awkward triangle poses, and downward facing dogs lastnight. He's a lucky man!) Not even going to attempt this one! I am lucky when I can tie my own shoes!

Paint Baby's Room

Set up crib and hang curtains

Go through the many bins of baby clothes that we have stored in our garage. Organize, Wash, and Fold

Put up the vinyl tree in Baby's room

Put up more shelving in Addison's closet so that we can use her dresser in Baby's room (Ryan)

Pack hospital bag (I have a while to get that one done)

Sew the aprons that I have been putting off for the past 2 months...I won't have much time with a newborn!

Hopefully have Addison completely potty-trained (she is doing well, but still has some accidents when we are out of the house and at night)

Find a cute "coming home from the hospital" outfit for our little girl

Almost there!

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