Thursday, August 25, 2011

BC, Boating (for them), and Bedrest (for me).

 So here's the story:
The day before we were supposed to leave for our Family Vacation in BC, I packed like crazy! I had a few weird feelings (I won't go into detail on the awesome pregnancy details) the next morning as we were preparing to leave, I called Dr. J. and literally as we were walking out the door, he decided to have me meet him at the hospital. I was having regular contractions, pelvic pressure, and had started to dilate. I was put on bedrest, and medications.

We decided to meet my family anyways in British Columbia. It would be easier for me to relax and to be on bedrest with a ton of family around to take care of Addison (and me) in Canada, than it would be for me at home. Dr. J. thought I was crazy, but we prayed about it and felt like it was the right thing for us to do. So we made a bed in the back of our SUV, and drove up to Canada.

And I am so glad that we went! Even though I was stuck laying down the whole time, it was SO nice to not have to worry about anything. My family was such a huge help, and I know that Ryan needed the break too! I ended up staying at my parent's house for an extra 2 1/2 weeks after as well for extra help.
Addison's first time tubing behind the boat!

And the verdict? She loved it!
My dad showing off his skills...i believe he got a cramp in his leg at this point (thus the awesome expression).
Addison liked to pretend to be a fishy or a "ma-maid"
Jeremy (my youngest brother), and Addison enjoying the view!

Addison and My Mom

This reclined lawn chair was my lifeline. My family would drive me straight down to the beach, set it up for me, and I would lay around for the rest of the day. It was super hot, and torture to not be able to jump in the water, but it could have be worse. Addison made sure to dump buckets of water on me (like every couple of minutes), and at least I got a tan!

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