Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Making room for Baby!

I took these pictures almost a month ago...we have added a few more things to the room: a mirror, a yellow butterfly, a yellow and gray quilt, etc...but my camera is packed away in my hospital bag (which is out in the Honda) and I am too lazy to go and dig it out! :)
Addie has loved helping get the baby room ready! (We need to replace the picture of Addison once baby girl has some of her own!)

From the doorway...it still needs a cozy rug by the crib!

We have a white mirror above the tree now, and a yellow butterfly.

The crib

Once again...we will need to update the pictures once baby is born...and I think the letters need to be hung from a cute branch or something else, but they will do for now.

Oh and baby girl's name is Gracelyn Jane (surprise!)


Mont and Dawna said...

Absolutely LOVE everything about the baby room!! That is the cutest and such a cute name too! Good Luck when she makes her arrival, hope it's fast and as painless as can be :)

Brett said...

This is the cutest nursery I have ever seen. Her name is beautiful! Good luck and I hope she comes soon!

Nicole said...

What a gorgeous nursery! And I LOVE the name, it's so elegant and pretty!

Kaylee and Phil said...

Love her room! You are so creative! I need you to come decorate my place! I also love the name :) if you need anything just let me know!

Kevin Tyler said...

LOVE LOVE this! and cute name! Excited for you!

Chelsey said...

Sorry Kevin Tyler is me Chelsey! No creeper :)

Hogan Family said...

Love your blog. Found it from Elisha's pic blog. She does a great job! Your baby's room looks so cute. I need to hire you to decorate my babys room when it comes.

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