Monday, September 26, 2011

You know you are almost ready to pop when...

  • You have to wake your husband up at 3-4 times a night so that he can help you roll over. I have the hips of a 90 year old woman.
  • You wear dresses all the time because even your maternity shirts are belly shirts!
  • TUMS start to taste good. Seriously people try the TUMS Smoothies kind! I eat them like candy!
  • Shaving your legs is a full body workout.
  • People do a double take on your belly when you go shopping....and their eyes get as round as your stomach.
  • You have perfected the "pick it up off the ground with your toes" technique. It's so much easier than bending!
  • Your husband can't get ahold of you on the phone (you are Visit Teaching) so he assumes you are in labor, jumps in his car to rescue you, AND calls your Home Teacher to have them make sure you are not dying before he gets there. Paranoid much?
  • You pee a little bit every time you sneeze, cough, or laugh too hard....and alot when you throw up! (Don't judge me people-- If you've been pregnant, you've been there. If not, you know what to look forward to!)
  • Every conversation involves "you are STILL pregnant?"or "Still no baby?"
  • Your brother calls you "pregasaurous". Wow J you know how to make a girl feel SO good!
  • You have a belly button that looks like a small mountain
  • Getting into the bottom cupboard with all of the pots and pans is virtually impossible. I have some awesome skills in this department, but it isn't pretty. It involves squatting, a one leg kneel, cracking knees, and a loud "UMMMPH!"
I will be 39 weeks on Friday...and NEVER imagined that I would still be pregnant at this point. After a month of bedrest, this baby has decided that she likes her little home now and she isn't moving! I have had a ton of false labor, but nothing that has gotten things moving quite enough. Hopefully this is my last post until we have some pictures of our little Gracelyn!