Monday, January 2, 2012

Ryan's Graduation Present:

When Ryan and I met, he had an older Honda dirt bike. He love that thing, and called it "his girl". Crazy boy! After we were married, he didn't have much time to ride it anymore. He was working full time, and in school, and we were expecing Addison. We both decided that he should sell it, and he was so sad about it that I told him that after he graduated he could buy a new one. Well he graduated! And here is his graduation present (that he picked out and puchased on his own!)
 He was SO excited to show Addison his new bike. He bought it at night, and showed it to her early the next morning. Addie loves going on bike rides in Canada, and now she can do it here too!
 I love my little biker babe! :)
 Ryan took her for a VERY SLOW ride. She was in heaven! And so was he. :)

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