Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 Years!

Ryan and I celebrated our fifth anniversary yesterday! Since the day we were married five years ago, we have gone through trials, grown, and accomplished so much.
  • We both have finally finished off our schooling! Mine in massage therapy, and Ryan's Bachelor's degree in business finance.
  • We have had two beautiful children
  • We have finally gotten in the habit of having family home evening weekly. (I'm not sure why this was so hard, but we finally are doing really well with it!)
  • Ryan has worked at Melaleuca, at two different plumbing jobs, for the Auto Vender, and in three different positions at USBank. He is awesome at his current job as a Payment Solutions Consultant!
  • I worked at the Auto Vender, and for a Chiropractor for a few years, then made the decision when Addison was a baby to stay home with my kids. I am so glad that I get to be a stay-at-home mom. I am grateful for a husband that recognizes the importance of a mother in the home, and that is so supportive of me. (I understand that everyone has different circumstances, and different reasons for making choices for working or not working...personally, I feel that I need to be home with my babies.)
  • We have had many church callings. Mine have been-- Relief Society pianist, Relief Society music leader, nursery leader, CTR 5 teacher, compassionate service leader, and Mia Maid Adviser. Ryan has been called to be the Sacrament coordinator, nursery leader, CTR 5 teacher, building cleaning and setting up, and Sunday school teacher to 14/15 year olds.
I feel very different from the 18 year old that I was when we were first married. Although I felt very grown up and mature, I have definitely changed alot since then. (I am sure I will say the same thing in another five years!) I feel the same way about Ryan.

I am so glad that I married Ry. He is my best friend, the best Dad to my girls, and an amazing husband.

We celebrated our anniversary by visiting the temple, eating at Olive Garden, shopping, and staying at Desinations Inn--all with out our kids! It was a much needed break, and I can't wait for next year so that we can do it again! Here are some pictures of our awesome room:

    I LOVED the jetted tub. I took three baths, two aroma-steam showers, slept in, and had breakfast in bed.  So relaxing!


shelly said...

We are so proud of you and Ryan and your little family. It has been so fun watching the you evolve the past 5 years. You are such a great little mom and wife and let me add daughter. I love you tons!!!

Requel said...

Monica, that looks amazing. It is so nice to get away. Your girls are too cute. It's so much fun and so hard at the same time.
So I've heard you an Ryan are losing weight like crazy. What's your secret? I am still like 10/15 lbs away from the weight I want to be. Help a girl out! Leave me a message or email me. Please. Thanks girl!