Saturday, March 24, 2012

Can she REALLY be three?!?

Addison had her third birthday last Saturday! She is getting so big, I can hardly believe how fast time is flying!

Addison's Birthday:
  •  When I asked her what she wanted for dinner on her birthday, she first said Costco hotdogs, but then she changed her mind. She finally settled on salmon, broccoli, and pasta. Such a sophisticated three year old! :)
  • She requested a Barbie party.
  • She didn't care what flavor of cake she had, as long as it was pink!
  • We played "Just Dance" on the Wii (pictures not included in the are welcome Bell family)
  • She was SOOO spoiled. These are the gifts that she got for her birthday:
    • Littlest Petshop with Pets to Go With it
    • Three Barbies and a Barbie horse
    • A puzzle
    • A Kite
    • A Dress
    • Two Movies
    • A Cute Chair
    • A ton of treats
    • Playdough Stamp Kit
    • A new bracelet
    • A tithing piggy bank
    • Bubbles
    • A book
    • New Elmo PJ's
    • A doll house (Ryan and I refinished the doll house that my Dad made me when I was a little girl)
Princess Addison opening her gifts

Here is the finished doll house.
I had to bring the furniture inside to paint it. When Addison asked me who it was for, I told her, "just some kid". She was SO excited when she found out that SHE was the kid! :)

Here is a bad shot of the cake I made her. I forgot to take a picture until the candles started melting! It was vanilla cake, with buttercream icing and strawberries between the layers. It was my first attempt at a "fancy" cake. It had A LOT of flaws in the decorating, but Addison loved it anyways.

And here she is first thing the next morning. She has her new pj's on, and all she wanted to do was play with her Barbies! Little girls are so much fun!

Happy birthday Addison! I can't wait to watch you grow up. You are such a sweet little girl, and I am the luckiest mom to have you for my daughter! I love you!


Taryn said...

So cute monica! i can't believe addison is 3! seems like yesterday we were sitting in class with you pregnant! (: your cake looks awesome!

Heather said...

I love it! I want you to make me a Barbie cake.=) It turned out great. Love the dollhouse. Good job guys!