Thursday, February 2, 2012


I was looking through some old pictures that my Dad emailed to me a while back, and I started comparing pictures of me in the hospital to pictures of my girls. One daughter looks ALOT like me, and another one is definitely her Daddy's girl.

See what you think. This is me:

This is Gracelyn:

 And here is Addison.

My thoughts? Addison looks nothing like me. Gracelyn looked more like me when she was a newborn, but is now looking alot more like her Daddy and big sister.

And just for fun, we were all blessed in the same dress. Here is me:


And Addison:

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shelly said...

Wow! I sure miss my 3 girls! Isn't it so cool to compare all of in that same dress! Gracie does look more like you did and Addie like ryan I love you guys!