Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rolling Eggs, Hunger Games, and Canada!

We went up to Canada for Easter! It was the first Easter I have been at home for since I moved out of my parent's house. It was fun to show Ryan and my girls some of the Easter traditions that my family has. The Easter Bunny came on Friday (we were driving all day Easter Sunday), and Addison was very excited to find all of her hidden treats, and she even found a basket full of toys! Gracelyn got an Easter basket too...it had clothes, toys, and baby food in it.

We decorated easter eggs, and then Ryan and Addison had their first "egg rolling" experience. I'm not sure exactly why we roll eggs, my Grandma Prince said it is a "Quinton family tradition". I think it is strange, but fun at the same time!

 So basically after we decorate all of our eggs, and get them looking cute, we take them to the top of the hill, and roll them down.
 The egg rolling didn't last long, and egg throwing took its place. Jeremy wins the best action shot award!

It was fun to go see my family, to have easter dinner together, and my mom even watched the girls so that Ryan and I could go on a date! We went to "Hunger Games", which i loved! The relaxing weekend was well worth the drive up!

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