Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our new Pop up Trailer!

Ryan and I both love camping, but our tent that we have used for the past few years isn't quite big enough for our family of four now. So we have been looking for a reasonably priced Pop-Up Trailer that we can pull behind my Honda Pilate. I searched for a few weeks online, and we found one that we thought was the one! We drove to the dealership in Idaho Falls, and found that it wasn't in "perfect, like brand new condition" like they had claimed. We were super disappointed, and drove around the rest of the afternoon looking at other options.We finally found two that we liked in Shelley, ID...the one that we LOVED was $7000, and the one that we thought had the best potential for the best price was only $1800. Since our budget was from $2500-$3000...we finally settled on the fixer-upper. It needs some work, but we think we can fix it up and maybe sell it for more than we bought it for!

Here she is! She is a 1995 Rockwood Pop-Up Trailer. These are our before pictures, and after we fix it up, I will post our after pictures:
I am not a fan of the pink and blue colors going on in we bought some brown and tan curtains, and I am going to sew them and make them work in here. The cushions on the couch and table aren't my fave either...I will either sew some new ones, or maybe take them to a place that does it for us. I don't want them to look bad! :)
It has one queen sized bed, and a full sized bed. The table also folds down into a bed. So lots of sleeping room! There is a fridge, a stove that can be used inside or out, a sink, and a furnace.

The first thing to go? Those FILTHY, ugly curtains. They were so dirty, and they had a bunch of spiders in them, so Ryan got to do that fun part! :)
Stay tuned for updates about "operation trailer makeover"!

Oh and I forgot to take a picture of the outside, so here is one that I found online that looks the same as the one we have:


Mont and Dawna said...

We have exactly the same one. Got it last year after searching all over the place and then ending up with a good deal on one by knocking on someones door randomly and making an offer where there wasn't even a sale sign. haha :) Anyway, we loved it so much all summer long! We can't wait to get back in to it again this year. I'm excited for you guys. It's so fun!! You'll have to let me know how the curtain remodel goes?

Heidi said...

How fun! Definitely better than totally roughin' it.