Sunday, May 6, 2012

Three Bachelor's Degrees and a trip to the Temple!

In the past six months, three boys in Ryan's family have graduated from University. Ryan's older brother Blake, Ryan, and Ryan's younger brother Spencer. So exciting! We went to Logan, Utah yesterday to be at Spencer's graduation from USU. We ate some delicious "Cafe Rio" that Kellie made, ate a gazillion cookies, and went to the graduation cerimonies. We promised Addison that on our way home, we would stop by the Logan Temple. She was really excited to get to go up to the doors, and she kept asking to go inside. :) She ended up settling for taking pictures outside instead.  

It was a little chilly, so Gracelyn stayed snuggled up in the stroller. Love this girl...she is 7 months old now!

We just did family pictures in the last month, and when I asked Addison to take a picture of Ryan and I with my IPhone, she got VERY into it. She made us sit with our legs in the funniest positions, hold hands, and give kisses on the cheeks. She can be a bossy little thing! Unfortunately she turned my phone onto video instead of picture taking mode, so we ended up with a bunch of videos of Ryan and I laughing and looking VERY awkward. Crazy girl! :)

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