Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Addie has been riding her tricycle for the past year and her little legs were too long for the pedals. She has been begging us for a bike "with training wheels" for a while--especially because her friends that she rides with all have big kid bikes. On Saturday she found THE Dora bike. It was love at first sight. It has a bell, backpack on the front, and the map "in case she doesn't know where to go!"

I haven't seen her want something so BAD in a while. BUT it was 77 bucks. That is insane to me. Any bike with a character on it (princess, Dora, etc..) automatically was more expensive...ridiculous! And the other less expensive bikes were out of stock. SO little Addie begged and begged and her Daddy finally caved. He always tries to be stern with her but REALLY she has him wrapped around her finger. Both of my girls are such Daddy's girls! I get to be the mean Mom that makes the toys get picked up, and puts them on timeout, and he is the fun Dad that takes them out for ice cream! :) Haha we have fun at home and my girls love doubt about they are so much happier when he is home. (so am I)
I like that they love spending time with him. They are lucky girls to have such a great Dad.

So Addie has been practicing riding her new bike every chance she gets!


Taryn said...

same way at my house! i'm the mean, nazi mom and rhett is the fun and exciting dad. haha. btw, congrats on your new house!! it looks soo nice! that must be so much fun!

Heidi said...

Funny.. We have the same arrangement at our house too - mean mom/fun dad - although I'm sure if we switched places and I was away from the kids all day and he was home with them all day long I'd become the nice mom & he'd be the mean dad :)!