Thursday, January 17, 2013

Elder Prince goes to the MTC

My youngest brother Jeremy got his mission call to Charleston, West Virginia back in August. He was supposed to go to the MTC in early December, but because he had not recieved his visa yet, he chose to begin his mission in Calgary, AB. He finally got his Visa right before Christmas, and flew to Salt Lake City yesterday (January 16) so that he could go to the MTC.

Because he chose suddenly to begin his mission in Calgary, he didn't have a farewell, and I wan't able to say goodbye to him. We got permission, however, for Ryan and I to pick him up at the SLC airport and to drive him to the MTC.

After Ryan finished work on Tuesday, we drove to SLC and took the girls swimming in our hotel. I love taking little mini vacations with our kids, and both of them LOVED the pool and hot tub. We bathed them, put them to bed, and I was pleasantly surprised when they both fell right asleep! In the morning, we got ready, had breakfast, and headed for the airport.

It was so fun to see Elder Prince! He was looking sharp in his suit, tie, and name tag! We drove him to Provo, ate at Costa Vida, and then dropped him off at the MTC!

I did pretty well dropping him off...I am a bit of a crier, but I am proud to say that not a single tear fell out of my eyes! :) I had tears in my eyes but none of them technically dropped out so I count that as not even crying! Right?!? Anyways I am so glad that we got to say goodbye to Jeremy, and we are so proud of him and his decision to serve a mission!

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