Thursday, April 4, 2013


Elder Bell. He's a cutie! :)
I have been an awful blogger. I have decided today is the day for catching up! January and February went by so fast! Ryan's sister moved back to Idaho Falls, and we helped move her in, and spent some time with her kids. It has been so fun living closer to them. Addie LOVES playing with her cousins! Ryan's brother Jordan left on his mission and all of Ryan's brothers and sister got to all be together for the first time in quite a while! (Ryan's brother Blake lives in Iowa and Mindy was in Colorado so distance makes it hard to all be in the same place at the same time. Jordan did a great job at his farewell and he started his mission at the MTC in Utah since he was still waiting for his visa.

Addie and Gracelyn are loving playing together more! Gracelyn is a toddler not a baby anymore! And she loves to dance, play with babies, play on the iPad, and play with Mr. Potato head. They are the cutest for sure. I love that they have eachother! Gracelyn will be so sad when Addie has to go to school! Speaking of which I signed Addison up for 3 day a week preschool in the Fall. {tear}
I redecorated my room in February as well! My comforter had been well used, and my babies had puked/pooped/etc on it so many times that it had been washed again and again. This is what we changed it to:
 Addie is getting so big! I am adding this last picture just because it cracks me up. She is usually such a happy swet girl, but don't underestimate that red hair. Here is a typical grumpy Addie that I see too much of lately!

Addison started her "Tiny Tots Ballet and Tap" class. She loves it, and thinks her teacher Miss Whitney is the best!

February is fun for Ryan and I because we get Valetines and our Anniversary all within a couple weeks of eachother! For valentines we had an at home date. I made a yummy dinner, we watched a chick flick, and we gave eachother gifts. Here are my pretty roses and DELICIOUS strawberries that Ryan gave me!
I love getting flowers!
They were better than they look. Which says alot because they look amazing! :)
We gave the girls some valentines and a bit of candy. And we decorated sugar cookies!
For our anniversary Ryan took me out on a date to "Wingers." It is where we ate on our first date. We talked about our first date and laughed about how he spilled his water on his pants, and I was mad at him for being late. I love that boy!
These are my anniversary flowers. Crazy that we have been married for 6 years!

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