Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vegas Baby!

Ryan's work team did really well last year.So well that they won some money! As a team they decided to use it for a trip to Vegas. His team has memebers from many different states, and although they have talked on the phone many times, they had never had the opportunity to all meet in person. Spouses were allowed to go as I was brave and actually left my girls for a few days! I have only ever been away from them overnight, so the idea of leaving them was SO hard for me. Ryan's sister Mindy watched them though and it turned out to be alot of fun! We stayed at the Monte Carlo on the strip.
Here we are on our way to SLC to get on our plane! We had just dropped the girls off and I may have just finished bawling my eyes out. Yep I'm pathetic.

Ryan had a meeting on one of the days so I went to the spa for a mani/pedi. It was AMAZING.
Ry and I were pretty proud of staying out till after 1am. Haha we are so lame these days!
It was during Chinese New Year and the decorations in the Casinos were awesome. Here we are rubbing Bhudda's belly for some good luck :)

It was so fun to meet the people Ryan talks about all the time, and to get away without our little munchkins! Yay for Vegas! :)

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