Friday, October 11, 2013

San Diego!

Ryan did really well at his job last year and he won the Pinnacle trip that was in San Diego this April! We met my parents half way and left the girls with them. It was so fun to get away and to have time to ourselves for a few days!

This was our hotel pretty!
It was my first time in California, and I LOVED the palm trees, the gardens, the ocean, and the SMELL of San Diego. Salty and fresh! The resort we stayed at was GORGEOUS! We went on walks every day through the gardens:
Ry and I did some shopping, walked down by the ocean, went to the San Diego Zoo (AMAZING!), had fancy dinners every night, and had a tour of the air force base that "Top Gun" was filmed at. It was fun to go to a few of the Elevon meetings, and to watch Ryan accept his award! Can't wait for next year's trip in Puerto Rico! The deadline for sales is in December, but Ryan already looks like he's won that one too! I'm so lucky to have such a hard workin' man! :) He takes good care of us!

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