Friday, October 11, 2013


Back in May we surprised the girls with a trip to DISNEYLAND!!! Anyone who knows Addison knows that she is OBSESSED with princesses! She wears a different princess dress every day, watches the movies over and over again, and I think secretly thinks that she is a Disney Princess. :)

We had talked about going to Disneyland for a while, but weren't sure if the girls were old enough. Gracelyn was only 18 months, and we worried that it would be the wrong time. Finally we decided to just do it and then go back later on too! :) I booked the trip in February, and kept it a secret for so long! I was proud of myself because it was HARD not to tell Addie something that I knew she would be SO excited about. We told Addie a week before we left. I spent forever making autograph books, and putting together a backpack for the girls full of all things Disney. (coloring books, shirts, snacks, etc, and stuff to keep them busy on the flight to California) The reaction we got when we gave the back pack to them was not what I expected at all! Addie calmly opened the bag, saw all of the stuff, and when I asked where she thought we were going said, "Disneyland" like it was no big deal! Then she got super excited when she saw the princess fruit snacks. Haha she didn't quite get it. I looked up Disneyland online and showed her all of the fun things we were going to do THEN she was SO excited. :)
Addie couldn't remember ever being on a plane so that was really exciting for her too. We stayed in the Carousel right across the street from Disneyland. Addie FREAKED OUT when she saw the castle and the Disneyland sign. We walked into Disneyland and didn't really know where we were going. The first place we happened to wander into was FULL of Princesses. Addison RAN to Cinderella and gave her the longest hug ever. I totally had a tear in my eyes. It was "magical".

We had so much fun for the 6 days we were there. We saw EVERY princess except for Pocahontas. The girls especially loved going to the princess shows that are put on. We went to Rapunzle, the Belle Show, and Aladdin.

We bought the girls princess nightgowns, and the only time they haven't worn them to bed in months has been when they are in the laundry!

The girls could both go on almost every kid ride. Even Gracelyn could go on almost everything! It was so much fun and she loved going on them! She didn't like getting close for hugs and autographs like Addison did though. She was happy watching from a distance. :)
One day for dinner, we took the girls to "Ariel's Grotto". It is a character dining restaurant where 4 princesses walk around and come to your table to hang out during dinner. The food was amazing, and it was one of our favorite parts of the vacation (and most expensive)!

Other favorites were:
  • Cars Land!!! Amazing! The roller coaster was my personal favorite!
  • World of Color is a light/water show that puts Vegas to shame!
  • The greasy delicious (expensive) food
  • Disney Jr Live- Sophia, Jake, and Doc Mcstuffins...Addie and Gracelyn both loved it!
  • Splash Mountain was Addie's favorite ride. I was impressed that she would even go on it...Twice!
  • The parade!
We all want to go back ASAP! It was one of the best family vacations we have ever been on! 

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