Friday, September 17, 2010


Some days I miss living in Canada. Today is not one of those days. Here in Pocatello I am loving our nearly thirty degree weather. Addison and I played out on the grass last night until it was time for her to go to bed. 

It is SNOWING right now in Cardston! And it isn't even October yet! Crazy Southern Alberta Weather!

On a side note, Addison had her eighteen month doctor's appointment today! To me eighteen months is the end of babyhood. She is officially a toddler. Usually she cries and is terrified of the doctor, but today she was such a big girl and she sat nicely on my lap while the doctor checked her ears to make sure that "there weren't any puppies hiding in them". At the end of the visit, she was waving "Bye bye" to all of the nurses and happily collected her big bird sticker. I love my girl! She is such a goof...some of the things that she has been doing lately that keep me laughing are:

  • Yelling "RY!" When she is looking for her dad...I think I need to start calling him Daddy whenever she is home :)
  • While we were shopping a couple of weeks ago she saw the racks of baby clothes, ran over to them, and started hugging all of the clothes while yelling "CUTE!" (which sounds more like "Teeuuute")
  • When ever I say "Sorry" she repeats "SOWWWEE" and then makes the saddest face ever!
  • Addie loves to hide...lately it has been behind doors. She jumps out and says "PEEABOO!" (peekaboo)
  • Her "bad words" in church! SO embarrassing!
  • We practice animal noises when we read stories, and when I ask Addison what a bumblebee says she makes a loud spitting noise.
  • Addison LOVES puppies, and on Wednesday when i went over to my in-laws she was telling their dog Freckles "Keckles! Sit! Sit Keckles! NO NO Keckles!"
  • I can get her to eat pretty much anything if I tell her it is a cookie!
  • She gives me such slobbery kisses, and usually sticks out her tongue at the last second. So gross! But I love them. :)
  • Bedtime is Addison's favorite. When she gets tired she goes into her bedroom, grabs her binky (or soother for you Canadian readers) and then tries to climb into her bed. She is such a good girl!
  • She loves holding hands with me when we go for walks...I love it! I can't think of anything cuter than chubby little baby fingers. (Even if they do leave fingerprints on EVERYTHING!)

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Heather said...

And Addison is lucky to have such a wonderful mother as well.=)