Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have two little bite marks on my right arm. 

I have a toddler that is on time out for the second time today. It is only 8:30 am. 

Need I say more?

Lets just say that we aren't off to the best start today. Some days, being a mom is exhausting

It is lucky that she is such a cute little stinker...

It is impossible for me to stay mad at her!


Heidi said...

She is so adorable in that picture! .Every morning I get up and think - I should walk today. But then I open the door and it feels so cold! I'm a wimp. I did set 2 appts for Sunday though - at 3:30 & 4.

Heather said...

She is so cute!! We were reading a book the other day and the baby looked just like Addie! Hailey was convinced it was her.=) We are still fighting the biting battle with Spencer sometimes, but mostly, it is ok. She will grow out of it eventually.

Ashley said...

Aww I've had days like that before minus the bite marks! I think one day Wyatt had 3 time outs by 9. I think mommy was just having a bad day too!!