Friday, January 21, 2011


It is true... I am alive! The past month has been CRAZY for us! I feel like we have been running all over the place...and we have. We were in Canada for Christmas and New Years (see below), then we came home only to head right back up only ten days later. {Have I mentioned how much I HATE that never ending drive?!? It gets longer and longer every time we no more moving for us, unless it is in a Northern direction!} To make the drive more bearable on our second trip, we booked a hotel in Helena, MT. We figured if we stayed half way it would seem more like a vacation. Unfortunately when we got there we realized that the hotel was HORRIBLE (to say the least) and we ended up driving until early in the morning. Lesson learned.

Did I mention that Brandon is home from his mission? I didn't?!?

That would be the reason behind our second trip up to the "Great White North". It was SO fun to be able to see his face again...and for Addison to be able to meet her Uncle "Brandi" {hehe she really does call him that!} He did an AWESOME job with his homecoming talk, we had a family dinner, and even got some updated family pictures taken (thanks Leah!). Brandon is pretty much the same as when he left, but he is definately more mature and has such a strong testimony now...just FYI for all of you single ladies out there...

After a quick weekend in Canada, we headed home and spent a total of ONE day before we packed up our bags and headed out again. With a one year old. We are insane. It's official. We spent the rest of the week in Twin Falls, ID for Ryan's job.

To celebrate finally being home I have officially let myself go for the day. Just because I can. I have swimming pool hair (from last night), glasses on, and I don't even plan on showering tonight. And the gross part is that I am LOVING it.

So there is my very vague update on the past month. I wish that I would have remembered my camera to take pictures of everything, but of course my mommy brain doesn't remember half of the things that i want it to. Happy very late New Year everyone!


Leah said...

No no thank YOU! seriously it twas a hoot!

Bowmans said...

Wow you guys have been busy. I bet its been fun being able to see your family. I would love to visit Canada sometime.