Friday, June 3, 2011

At 22 Weeks I am...

  • Finally feeling like myself again! I still take a couple of Zofran each day, but I can function...hooray!
  • Haven't had any serious cravings lately, but I snack all day long.
  • Can feel baby girl squirming around, and kicking occasionally (she isn't a big kicker like Addison was...maybe this means she will be a mild baby? PLEASE?!?)
  • Mood swings are still going strong, poor Ryan!
  • Definitely looking pregnant now.
  • Run out of energy mid-day...Addison has picked up on this and has been quite the little stinker lately. She knows that she can get away with more because I don't have the energy to chase her around!
  • Craving warm weather so that I can take Addison for walks...I am going stir crazy in this house!
  • Starting to freak out a bit...Addison is such a strong willed little girl, how am I going to handle TWO kids???
  • Hating bending over. I didn't notice how often I am actually picking things up until now!
126 days to go! But who's counting?

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