Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just for the record...

Butt shots hurt. I am not loving these progesterone shots that I have been getting weekly. I HATE any kind of needle as it is, and the medication burns for at least a day every time that I get one. Not my fave, but totally worth it if it means that I get to avoid bedrest this pregnancy. Lets be honest, there is NO way that I could ever go on complete bedrest with Addison running wild...I would have to have someone move in with me to help! So I guess this love/hate relationship with a weekly injection in my rear will have to last until i finally am 36 weeks along.

I love my calling! I have been in Young Womens for a couple of months now. We have the most awesome girls in our ward, and the leaders that I get to work with are so fun! Last night after our camp certification activity, all of the leaders (almost) went to the new Kiwi Loco (frozen yogurt) grand opening. Things got a little crazy...we may have made up a song about Kiwi Loco (to the tune of "Ice Ice Baby") and we MAY have won free t-shirts. That's right! This preggo mama got her groove on last night! :)

Nursery plans are in the works! Addison's room is PINK and green. It is the totally girly girl room, and we decided for this baby, we wanted a bit of an unconventional color scheme...Gray, White, and Yellow! Here is a little sneak peak of what we have planned so far...

Our crib is white, and I think it will look SUPER cute with the bedding!
 These are the curtains that match...we plan on painting three of the walls a super light gray color, and then the fourth wall an accent yellow color!

 I am looking for a cute white tree decal that could go on one of the gray walls, and a white birdcage just for fun...and that's all that we have planned so far. Now I just need to order the bedding, and get Ryan painting! (I hate painting, so I am DEFINITELY using the pregnancy card on this one!)


Kaylee and Phil said...

The room will be super cute! I'm excited for you! If you want any help give me a call! Oh and I decided that I'm excited for summer. We need to plan a pool party for kayden and addie! Fun!

Heather said...

adorable!! go to TODAY!! They are having an awesome deal on decals.=)

Angie said...

Monica, your blog is super cute. I love the tabs at the top.
Your nursery is going to be super cute, love those colors together.
My friend just did a post about wall decals ... if you have a hard time finding what you want, you could ask her i she came across any good websites: