Thursday, December 29, 2011

have yourself a merry little...

 We finished off the last of our crazy month! We went up to Canada on the 20th so that we would be able to go to my friend Jenae's wedding. Then we stayed the rest of the week with my family for Christmas.
 On Christmas Eve we had our family dinner, played a white elephant game, opened up our traditional pajamas, watched THIS mormon message, and a DVD that had christmas music and pictures of the Savior, and opened time capsules that we made and sealed 11 years ago.
 Then we all wrote our letters to Santa to leave on our Stockings. Brandon and Dani made it back from their honeymoon just in time for Christmas!
 Addison spent SO MUCH time making sure that her letter to Santa was perfect. She drew pictures all over it, and Daddy wrote what she was hoping for: a camera.
 My Grandma and Grandpa Prince loved snuggling with our sweet little Gracie Baby. Grandpa even fed her two bottles and burped her!
On Christmas morning, Jeremy woke everyone up at 7:15. Addison was still pretty tired, but she was excited to find that Santa brought her the camera she was wanting!
 Gracelyn had a great first Christmas too, and Santa brought her a Baby Einstein Fish lamp that plays music and attaches to the side of her crip. Whenever we turn it on she is mesmerized by it!
While we were opening presents on Christmas morning, my Grandma got a call about her Mom. My Great Grandma Allred has not been doing well the past few weeks, and we had visited her a few times that week in the hospital. She was doing worse that morning. They left for the hospital, and after church we went there too. My Grandpa Allred (who passed away over 10 years ago) got the best Christmas gift of all, as my Grandma was able to join him again that day. We will all miss her, but we are glad that we know of our Heavenly Father's plan for us. Families are eternal, and we will see Grandma again!

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Heather said...

That is so sweet. Love Addie's face in that picture! And so great about your great grandma.